2018 Glover Prize: Finalists


Diane Allison Body of Water
Matthew Armstrong Quotidian Drive
David Beaumont Nightfall - Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania
Elizabeth Beaumont Descending into Lake Oberon
Paul  Becker In the realm of perennial darkness, last light Campbell Town 
Eva Beltran Wondering at Bay of Fires
Ashley D Bird New Shapes
Nicholas Blowers Savage Entropy
Dr Wayne Brookes Clarendon Catharsis
Tim Burns Warren
Meg Collidge The Farm Bike
Alex Davern My Fantasy Book Collection: Twelve overcast days
James Drinkwater View to The Mystery Forest (Central Highlands, TAS)
Leoni Duff Horizon Line - Falmouth
Richard Noel Dunlop Ghost Nets (Time After Time)
Kylie Elkington Correa Alba (White Correa)
Shannon Field Michael Howe: Bushranger, Outlaw, and Motocross champion (1814-1817)
Josh Foley Blackwood Creek
Peter Gouldthorpe Blue Day Walking
Robert Habel A Large Oil Painting of a Tasmanian Landcape Discovered in the Attic of an Abbey in South-West France
Neil Haddon A Rocky Shore
Bill Handbury Takayna
Craig Handley An unmistakable geology
Jacob Leary New topographies of nature (diptych)
David Marsden Tip Trip
Michael Muruste Neo Agria-Mills Plain
Grant Nimmo Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Forest between Lake Vera and Barron 
Robert O'Connor Map of Hobart [for a Tourist]
Halinka Orszulok Ponies
Joanna Pinkiewicz The Deeds Registry
Rodney Pople Early morning north west Tasmania
Monica Rohan Cold hands
Erin Rachelle Smith Mount Anne 
Paul Snell Mute # 201701
Dore Stockhausen Hobart, 3rd sighting
Liz Sullivan TAS 1948 Xing FRANKLIN
Craig Waddell On The Shore Of Silence
Luke Wagner On Tasman Island, The Haulage
Meg Walch Metamorphique: Frenchman's Cap, Vera and Tahune
Anthony White  The Landscape is never Innocent- (After Mannalargenna)
Heidi Yardley Without your love
Chee Yong Journey to the West: Camping Stories


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