2019 Glover Prize: Finalists

Glover Prize Exhibition 2019

Clara Adolphs The Sea
Jim Andrew Beacon: N.Z.O.B.-M-S-A.S 1748, By the light of the silvery moon
Raymond Arnold Deciduous Beech (The Fall)
Paula Melissa Barwick Once upon a time on the Nile River
Paul Becker Descending Darkness, White Invaders, Richmond
Seth Birchall Farm Garden
Joe Bollen Spirit of Abel Tasman
Edna Broad Tamar Wetlands
Maxine Brown Mr Kelly’s Observatory (Jenico Street, Queenstown, Tasmania)
Faridah Cameron The Sea
Janis Clarke Seal Shark Bay
Samuel Condon The River Nile, Van Diemen’s Land, by starlight
Jason Cordero The Day of the Mountain
Gaye Coyne Looking Up: Looking Out: Halcyon Days at Binalong Bay
Alex Davern Mood Food installs levitating Dan Flavin (Red & Yellow)
Fernando do Campo Constructivist Colonial Landscape (Tasmania’s jackass)
Peter Edgeley The Woodpile
Kylie Elkington The Native Arrangement
Donna Gibb Feeling Mellow on Bruny Island
Junko Go Sometimes life seems as if it's a long, endless uphill struggle.
Suddenly we are thinking hard about how far we have come and how far we still have to go and whether we have yet attained all that we hoped for.
Piers Greville Pedder Prime Cuts
Robyn Harman Blythe Star
Pamela Horsley Who Goes There?
Rachel Howell Anthropocene
Kate Hughes Deceiving View
Belem Lett The River Runs / The People Come
Fiona Lowry While the sun burns behind the islands
Janice Ross Maynard putalina ‘Oyster Cove’
Diane McDonald Home
Julian Meagher Democratic Mountain
Julie Payne Beauty Displaced
Rodney Pople The Lost Glover
William Rhodes Midlands
Jennifer Riddle Monument of Memory
Kate Shaw Shadowlands
Melissa Smith Beyond Thoughts - Lake Sorell
Tony Sowersby The tree at Russell Falls
Seabastion Toast Surfers are the Worst (Shipsterns Bluff)
Amanda Tye Pieman River in Paynes Grey
Nicole van Dijk Before the flood
Craig Waddell The Shadows Beneath The Soul
Megan Walch Shitstorm 2018