2020 Glover Prize: Finalists


Jenny Ahmad Rocks, middens and Tasmanian tiger
Margaret Ambridge 'Looking glass'
James Andrew Barnaby's Reverie
Raymond Arnold And the Land was washed clean!
Eleanor Austin Tea Trees at Weymouth
Paul Becker Creeping darkness, the pyre of political correctness
Alexander Beech Periphery V, Tasman Peninsula
Filippa Buttitta Re-imagination
Gabrielle Courtenay Tasmanie et la Mer
Janette Cumming The Cycle of Life
Stephanie Dean Glovers Dream
Richard Dunlop Fly Fisher, Meander Valley, Near Deloraine
Josef Felber A short view of a vast landscape over time (2019)
Frederick Fullerton Whaler's Hill
Elaine Green Views From Here
Piers Greville Moonlit Night, Rock Island Bend
Andrew Hagar The Black Line
Amber Hearn Bay of Fires - Every Pebble was a Mountain, Every Mountain becomes a Pebble.
Timothy Heazlewood Takayna Symphony
Ileigh Hellier Without the other
Chris Howlett The Concilation
Christobel Kelly Portal to a Dark Contemplation 
Keith Lane The Hunting Party
Belem Lett Burn Baby Burn
Lisa Moroney The old trees, Conara
Russel Newman Sheffield Fields
Robert O'Connor Somewhere on the midlands
Susan O'Doherty Mathinna and Lady Jane Franklin at Ancanthe in the Foothills of Mount Wellington
Veronica O'leary Our land is burning - Tasmanian fires 2019 
Laura Patterson 2020 Pteridomania
Stephen Pleban Cradle 1
Chrystal Rimmer Stability In Entropy
Tim Silver Untitled (there's a flower thief in my backyard again)
Melissa Smith Without a Sound - Lake Sorell
Leah Thiessen A place of magic
Carol Thomson Nature's Entanglement
Telly Tu'u Stratocumulus
Luke Wagner The Chaplin's Garden, Wybalena, Flinders Island
Deborah Walker Cypress Isle (Maria)
James Walker Four Pines
Stephen Yates Changing of the Guard