Glover in Arcadia

Glover’s migration to Tasmania at age 63 gives rise to a new fascination with nature, not just lovely trees but nature’s intricacy, structures, and internal complexity. Artists are invited to consider the theme of the ‘natural’ world and the cultural conventions in which Glover’s landscape painting existed. The anachronistic element of Glover’s work - and colonial art more broadly - points toward tensions between the factual accuracy of topographical illustration, the idealised landscape of Italianate convention, and the symbolic narratives of Romanticism. We also see in Glover’s paintings of his homesteads a clashing of worlds; a domesticated, cultivated landscape within the wild, new one.

Eight emerging and established artists will be invited to examine the relationship of Glover’s work to the world of nature, in particular to Hobart’s Eastern Shore where he painted his iconic image of ‘Mount Wellington and Hobart Town from Kangaroo Point’ (1834).

Opening Hours;
11pm - 5pm Wednesday - Sunday

Contact - 03 62179607


Image Credit: Joan Ross, M'lady's Ikebana, Courtesy of the artist and Bett Gallery

Friday 7 April 2017
Sunday 30 April 2017

The Barn at Rosny Farm, Rosny Hill Rd, Rosny Park

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