Circa ’98

It doesn’t matter how much you want things to stay the same, there comes a time when things inevitably change.

My experience as a Tasmanian was defined by the people, places and experiences that occupied stages of my life. I never stood still long enough for things to stagnate and I moved through the activities, interests and jobs that captured my attention while Tasmania held fast.

For 47 years Tasmania was a constant. It was home base I could rely upon to be the same if I left its shores but it was also a place I took for granted. I assumed Tasmania would always be home, and I assumed it would never change, even though it constantly shifted while I was distracting myself.

When I return and depart from Launceston airport, I’m reminded of the 10 years I spent working for an airline and how I spent most of that time staring at the landscape despairing over nothing ever changing and wishing I could be somewhere else.

Now I’m somewhere else. Now I know everything will change.

James Walker


Acrylic on linen