Faith, Hope and Charity Mapping The Piguenit – Navigating The Richter

Faith, Hope and Charity
Mapping The Piguenit-Navigating The Richter

To pastiche, combine, blend concepts of two most influential artists, William Charles Piguenit 1887 and Gerhard Richter 1968, I am compelled to establish an enigma and mystery above and below the Port Esperance Huonville tide line.

Since all paintings are historical records, is there less Faith, Hope and Charity today than when WC Piguenit painted the islands as metaphor in 1887?

Significantly influenced by Glover in his formative years, Piguenit is said to be the first Australian born Tasmanian trained Landscape Artist ‘to capture so perfectly the brooding and changing moods of our island state’*

Delicate, visceral, fairy-floss, marshmallow extruded oil paint, conceivably this refined reflection of Piguenit’ evening sky is simply a shroud or decoy for Richter’s characteristic absence of composition and subjectivity, raising questions of otherworldliness and mirrored musings or threatening rising sea levels?

*Bill Bleathman, Director’s Foreword ‘A Passion for Nature’ William Charles Piguenit TMAG 2012
ISBN: 934-4-1870028-0-0(hbk)

Glenn Clarke


Extruded Oil on aluminium with gold leaf