The space inside oneself of calm

This piece is reflective of my own personal health journey and about finding my inner calm.

Finding my own place: in my healing, in my life and in my future.

Inspired by a photo of Howrah, given to me by a friend whom I’ve met through the same health journey. We send each other photos of our local beaches and are both looking for the stillness within. Spending time at the beach is incredibly nurturing and I invite the viewer to take a deep breath and to feel the stillness.

The night sky full of stars encourages imagination and a feeling of being part of something much larger and more powerful than oneself. Connecting with others and nature, we are one tiny star with the energy of a galaxy. Synchronicity is also contained within this painting. I love John Glover’s use of light and his impressions of sunset and sunrise colours particularly, and while musing on his painting, “Ullswater, early morning” showing such beauty and stillness, my friend sent me this photo of the still night sky. I just had the capture the energy.

Samantha Tipler


Acrylic on canvas