Robyn Mayo

A Kelp Basket on a Path to Rocky Cape, 2012

watercolour on Archers satin paper

127 x 183cm

From the artist

Rocky Cape is a place of great significance to the Aboriginal people, with its caves and middens. The basket was made by Vicki West in an exhibition of work inspired by the traditional skills of Aboriginal women at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The rocks and sandy soil of this area provide an endemic home for the Banksia serrata, being the only place that this plant is found in Tasmania.

Artist background

Born in Goulburn, NSW in 1943. Lives and works in Chudleigh, Tasmania. Exhibiting since 1980. Finalist in Dobell Drawing Award 2006; Rena Jones Print Award 2002; Fremantle Print Award 2002; and Glover 2004.