Ben Miller

Aftermath – Burnt Bridge at Four Mile Creek, 2007

oil on canvas

124 x 120cm

From the artist

I used to fish off this old bridge that was destroyed in the east coast bushfires. It hadn't been travelled on for as long as I could remember except by fishermen. The burnt timber, partly submerged, and metal pylons and bolts licked orange by flames and salt, now offering a new playground for ducks and petrels. I only have to find a new place to fish, some people have to find new places to live and rebuild their lives.

Artist background

Born 1977. Lives and works in Launceston. Exhibiting since 1995 including solos show Sawtooth ARI 2011, and group show One Tree Project, TMAG 2001. Finalist in Glover Prize 2007.

Represented by Gallery Pejean, Launceston