Raymond Arnold

Cathcart Cannula, 2015

acrylic on canvas

122 x 122

From the artist

I’m becoming increasingly familiar with the cannula, the “little reed” inserted into the body for delivery and removal of fluid. Throughout the critical stages of an illness of a good friend I’ve been working on this painting of his house. The big East Coast Peppermint gum on his land makes for a fleeting associate for  me with both the action and intent of the cannula devise -
a type of portal allowing a type of flow between worlds!
I am also thinking of Glover’s painting at Clarendon of the big English Oak tree, and of course Turner’s painting The Golden Bough.

Artist background

Born Melbourne 1950. Lives and works in Queenstown, Tasmania. Has had 54 solo exhibitions and been in 126 group exhibitions nationally and in London, France, Scotland and Washington USA since 1977. Winner of the Glover Prize 2007. Represent in many national, state and regional gallery collections in Australia and major institutions in France, UK and USA.Tasmanan nomination for Australia Day Local Hero awards for work with LARQ.

Represented by Bett Gallery, Hobart; & Australian Galleries, Melbourne