Joanne Mitchelson

Deep Reflection – Pool of Salome, 2007

watercolour on Arches paper

62 x 102cm

From the artist

I wish to create peaceful havens within our busy world, for reflection and inner calm.

Judges Comments

This watercolour shows an astounding attention to detailed light effects that reveal the beauty of the primordial Tasmanian mountain landscape. The artist has keenly observed the landscape of this particular site, evidenced in the seamless transition from foreground to background. This work looks to the heritage of the 'grand tradition' in art. Glover was a watercolourist of note and Michelson shares Glover's passion and has embraced that tradition.

Artist background

Born 1971. Lives in Westbury. Exhibited in Tasmania since 1993 including being shortlisted for the Island Art Prize during Ten Days on the Island at Stanley in 2001.