Angus Douglas

Expatriate, 2016

acrylic on canvas

80 x 186cm

From the artist

In this New York apartment a nostalgic image of Lake Peddar, an abstract ‘painting’ of a satellite view of the lake (pre-1972 flooding) and Tasmanian waratah flowers show how we typically relate to the iconic Tasmanian landscape. We can’t visit this place any more, but we visit it in our minds and through the various iconography we generate around landscapes such as these.

Judges Comments

This work encapsulates the longing for something – perhaps for an opportunity lost. It conceptualises the colliding of worlds – the one we are in at the moment and the one of desire or memory that we carry around with us. The ex-patriot going into another place and looking back with nostalgia.  This is often how Australians experience Tasmania. The artist could have overwhelmed us with an environmental message, but instead the work is much more subtle. The void gives an extra layer of meaning – big black hole that marks a great loss.

Artist background

Born 1975. Currently living in Perth Tasmania. Exhibiting since 2009 incuding solo show at Henry Jones Hotel, Hobart 2014. Highly commended in Glover Prize 2016.