Philip Wolfhagen

Idyll XIII (Summer Flood, South Esk 2004), 2005

oil & beeswax on linen

96 x 101cm

From the artist

My work is chiefly concerned with the relationship between culture and landscape, but particularly the personal identification with a landscape that has become mythologised through the repeated act of painting it. Each successive work is a homage both to Nature and to Painting whilst expressing concerns on the condition of both. My work is ultimately about the uniqueness that comes from the individual experience of nature. I am currently working on a series of Midlands landscapes which I see as flags or emblems for place.

Artist background

Born in Tasmania 1963. Lives and works at Longford. Exhibiting throughout Australia since 1988. Winner of the Wynne Prize 2007. Represented in most major state and national public gallery collections.