Tony Sowersby

Leaving the Island, 2014

acrylic on canvas

152 x 152

From the artist

Even the most mundane urban or industrial landscape can appear to be majectic or beautiful at night. It is especially so with the addition of water. Thi spainting is the view of Devonport waterfront form teh deck ot the 'Spirit of Tasmania'. It is a scene that a large percentage of Tasmanians and visitors would have passed; many without looking. I have decided to invest it with grandeur and emotional significance as befits perhaps one's last glimpse of one's home state. I believe that no artwork is devoid of political or social content. The image and the title could be read as a comment on the decline of the industrial base not just of Tasmania but of Australia.

Artist background

Lives in Victoria. Exhibiting since 1980s. Since 1998 has won the Bald Archy for satirical portraiture 2005 and people's choice three times. Finalist in the Glover 2008, Mt Bulla Prize 2009 and City of Albany Prize 2010.