Rodney Pople

Mills Plains (After Glover), 2006

oil on canvas

122 x 188cm

From the artist

This work pays homage to Glover's painting. By adding the ghost of an aeroplane, the current world is gently implicated on this ancient landscape. As in Glover's work, a changing world is implied in the painting, though its ramifications are left for the viewer to reflect upon.

Artist background

Born Launceston 1952. Lives and works in Sydney. Exhibiting since the 1970s. Winner of Paddington Art Prize 2016 and Sulman 2008. Has been selected for the Blake, Archibald, and Wynne art prizes on many occasions. FInalist in Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2016. Represented in many major public collections.

Represented by Despard Gallery, Hobart & Australian Galleries, Sydney/Melbourne