Julie Payne

Mr Glover's Palette of the Divided Heart, 2014

pencil, watercolour & found objects on paper

35 x 100

From the artist

To prepare for his transition from England, Mr Glover brought with him a selection of loveingly catalogued seeds to plant in the antipodean soils as security and connection with the known. These were planted and recorded in his painting A View of the Artist Garden and House 1835.  While awaiting the germination of the familiar, he embraced the challenge of defining a new palette of place.

Artist background

Lives and works in Hobart. Has exhibited in many solo and collaborative exhibitions within Tasmania and nationally since the 1980s. Finalist in Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Ballarart Art Gallery 2014; & Waterhouse 2012 & 2011. Artist residency at Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland 2013.

Represented by Handmark Gallery Hobart/Evandale.