Kit Hiller

No Country for Pink Eyes, 2017

oil on canvas

183 x 183 cm

From the artist

The North-west coast is known for its rich red soils, just right for grown potatoes – Bismarks, Brownells, Kennebecs, Nicolas, Dutch Creams. My late father always said: “You can’t grow a decent Pink Eye here.” I was surprised to see a sign advertising locally grown Pink Eyes and bought a bag. They were pale and grey. When I saw this perfectly prepared paddock between Somerset and Yolla, I hoped the farmer wasn’t planning a crop of Pink Eyes.

Artist background

Born Hobart, 1948. Lives and works at Lower Mt Hicks near Burnie. Has been exhibiting primarily in Hobart, Burnie and Sydney since the late 1970s. Won Portia Geach Memorial Prize 1996, 1997 & 2009. Finalsit in Archibald Prize 1982 – 1986. Her work is held by the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery, Tasmania and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Artbank and several university and regional collections.

Represented by Australian Galleries, Melbourne