Robyn McKinnon

On a Clear Day, 2007

acrylic on canvas

140 x 140cm

From the artist

On a clear day you can see forever. From the top of St John Street in Launceston the city lays its architectural structure at one's feet, unfolded in chimneystacks and repetitious boxes. The streets disappear and somehow it becomes a notation of settlement – a visual memory of a time encapsulated in a personal representation of how it felt to be there.

Judges Comments

Robyn McKinnon has taken a distinctively individual approach to the landscape of her home town, Launceston. This painting underlines the reality that the majority of people live in an urban environment. This painting recognises this reality. The complex field of ideograms reveals the subtle variation in the urban landscape which often escapes us in our daily life. The urban landscape is a rich subject not often addressed by contemporary artists.

Artist background

Born Brisbane 1953. Lives in Launceston. Exhibiting since 1970s primarily in Tasmania including Theatre of the Worlds, MONA 2012. Third in Waterhouse Naturalist Prize 2009. Finalist in Waterhouse 2013, 2008, Blake 2008, and Glover 2007, 2009, 2010 & 2011 2012, 2014. Work held in TMAG, QVMAG, Art Gallery of South Australia, Holmes a Court, Artbank, Taipei Museum of Fine Art collections.