Jason Cordero

One and the Other, 2016

oil on linen

152 x 102cm

From the artist

Coerced by the efforts of sky and ocean, fragile, fractal tendrils of land have shattered to form a sea stack. Scoured of loam by the ever-transient wind and waters, its deepest stone exposed; but the place is far from barren. Every crevice and crack harbours life. It is a microcosm, a towering island with its own balance, much like the larger island from which it is formed, which in turn came from another. A cycle within a cycle, a place within a place, one within the other.

Artist background

Born Adelaide 1973 where he lives and works. Exhibited in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney since 1995. Winner of John Leslie Art Prize 2010. Highly commended Heysen Prize 2009; Waterhouse 2009 & Glover Prize 2009. Has won people's choice awards at  Heysen Prize 2005 & 2007, Glover Prize 2007; Fleurieu Biennale 2008; John Leslie Art Prize 2012; R & M McGivern Prize 2012; & Alice Prize 2014;. Redgate Residencies, Beijing China 2015/16. Work held in collecitons of Artbank, Pariament House, Canberra and Gipplsand Art Gallery.

Represented by Colville Gallery, Hobart; Dickerson Gallery NSW; & Mossenson Galleries WA