Nigel Hewitt

Reformation, 2017

ash, oils & polymer on canvas

183 x 183

From the artist

There is a finality about fire and for this reason I use the medium of ash to speak about my concerns regarding the fragility of the landscape. In early 2016 during a visit to the Tarkine region, I was confronted by the devastation of the fires that had swept the area after a very dry season and were ignited by dry thunderstorms. Ash sourced from the aftermath of those fires was used for this image that references Mt Wellington and Mt Field.

Artist background

Born 1952 in Ulverstone Tasmania. Currently lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Has been exhibiting since 1970s primarily in Western Australia. Major awards include Creative Development Fellowship Grant WA; John Leslie Art Prize People's Choice Award, 2016; Glover Prize 2015; Australian Capital Equity Award 2012, Black Swan Portraiture Award 2009, Minnawarra Art Award 2004, and Port Kembla Art Award 2000. Work held in Art Gallery of Western Australia, Curtin University, Fremantle Arts Centre, Artbank, Holmes á Court and Westfarmers collections.