Junko Go

Sometimes life seems as it’s a long, endless uphill struggle. Suddenly we are thinking hard about how far we have come and how far we still have to go and whether we have yet attained all that we hoped for., 2019

acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal on canvas

85 x 170 CM

From the artist

My painting is not tied to a particular art movement, instead, it posesses a unique aesthetic encompassing elements of painting, drawing and storytelling that combine my Japanese heritage with Australian vernacular. Tasmanian landscape in which I have lived for 25 years searching for my personal identity - redefining my cultural identity and developing new perspective, is a symbolic material for my work. This work is the culmination of my 25 years of experience in Tasmania. All influences has become part of its imagery. Trees, light, wind, stars, animals, rivers, bush lands, paddocks, picnics, country festivals, laughs and tears, hopes and despairs... All celebrate a chaotic order and reveal the true nature of my experience. Art making has been interwoven into my personal growth as a person. It’s a source of discovery, constant challenge and pleasure to me.

Artist background

Born Shiga Japan 1955. Migrated to Australia 1992. Lives in Greens Beach, Tasmania. Exhibiting since 1992 including solo at Gallery 101 Melbourne and Carnegie Gallery Hobart. Winner of Tasmanian Art Award 2001 & 2002. Finalist in Glover Prize 2005, 2008 & 2009.