Raymond Arnold

Western Forest – Form into Field, 2008

acrylic on canvas

112 x 152cm

From the artist

The painting represents an integration of the twinned concepts of figure and ground. The fugitive landscape 'ground' both frames and is woven into the timber stack 'figure' through the mediating screen of painted mesh. I am looking to establish a new relationship between these perceptual codes and by extension a new attitude towards the remediation of the environment of the Queen Valley.

Artist background

Born Melbourne 1950. Lives and works in Queenstown, Tasmania. Has had 54 solo exhibitions and been in 126 group exhibitions nationally and in London, France, Scotland and Washington USA since 1977. Winner of the Glover Prize 2007. Represent in many national, state and regional gallery collections in Australia and major institutions in France, UK and USA.Tasmanan nomination for Australia Day Local Hero awards for work with LARQ.

Represented by Bett Gallery, Hobart; & Australian Galleries, Melbourne