A great subject for debate

Art and its Interpretations

Art is a wonderful way to develop a conversation and express ones views, concepts, ideals and preferences.

To give clarity towards the selection process, the Glover Art Prize is open for submission to all artists.

In 2020 we received a record number of entries from 563 contemporary visual art practitioners from all states and territories in Australia and international entries from New Zealand, Italy, France, England, Poland, the USA, and Japan.


Artists are invited to create and submit work for the prize that is a contemporary “landscape painting of Tasmania”.   The mediums of photography, film and multi-media are not accepted but the term “painting” is to be understood broadly and is not intended as a limitation on approach, nor do we dictate how the artist is to construct or execute their work.  The artists express their own views and feelings through their painting which leads to a great diversity of interpretation.  

Each year, three different judges are chosen who are to be significant art industry professionals.  We have been fortunate to have extremely highly regarded national arts professionals participating as judges for the Glover Prize each year.  

These three judges are the sole viewers of all the entries and independently choose the 42 finalists from the submissions and then select the winning painting.  Ultimately the Glover winner and finalists are determined by the artists submissions and the judges selection. 

John Glover himself was an innovative, contemporary and progressive artist of his era.  He continued to evolve, search for new subject matter, travel to new lands and develop his style – this avant garde approach subsequently led him to be the first artist to accurately depict Australia’s light, land, and stories of settlement for which he is now celebrated as “the father of Australian landscape painting”. 

A great diversity of methodologies, ideals and approaches were employed by artists in this years’ exhibition which is reflective of the changing nature of contemporary art practices.  These paintings are also visual narratives where stories of our present times are explored, as John Glover did of and in his time.

The Glover Prize is a wonderful community event and the Glover committee strive to make it as enjoyable as possible for all.