Learning with Glover

The Glover Prize is more than a competition. The quality and diversity of the works selected for the annual exhibition provide a wonderful opportunity for teaching and learning about art. The Learning with the Glover program includes guided tours for school and college students, training for both specialist and non-art teachers, and talks on Glover and his legacy for special interest groups and the general public.

The Glover Society aims to encourage people to interact with the exhibition and to stimulate conversations about the meaning and possibilities expressed in the words landscape, painting and Tasmania. The following Focus Questions For Schools have been developed to assist detailed exploration of the exhibition. We invite you to select from these questions, or adapt them to the particular interests of your class group.

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Focus Questions for School Groups

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Looking at Landscape

Looking at Landscape by Jane Deeth is an easy-to-read exploration of the many ways there are of creating landscape through the lens of the Glover Prize, and is a useful teaching and learning resource for people of all ages. $19.95 (including packaging and postage)

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