A short view of a vast landscape over time (2019)

A short view of a vast landscape over time (2019)

In this work I explore a continuing interest in what we mean by the term landscape in our time. After I created a painting titled Atmospheric pressure exceeds emotional turbulence, (2017) I started to look at landscape in history imagining what a settler artist like John Glover thought of the Australian landscape back then as a representation of typography and colour. Like John Glover’s luminous painting technique and naturalistic rendering, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Deluge Imagined (1515-17) is a representational drawing that predicted danger of the world drying out depicting the elements water, earth, air and the fire to total destruction.

Nature is in constant change, and today the landscape is severely affected by temperature rise.

This is where I make anew a disruptive mapping of a world marked by climate catastrophe.

The mapping in my work includes nature as an abstraction with layered interpretations of water, fire and various artistic interpretations over time embedded into the surface-then itself a kind of history. Multiple records of climatic pressures literally echo in human emotional turbulence and like a Romantic artist, I mimic the process; adding, subtracting, leaving it open to reflect the scientific evidence and the layered and integrated maps of an unsettled world.

Joe Felber


Acrylic paint, pencil, ink and pigment on marine Plywood