‘And I shall not pass you by’ – Bathurst Harbour

With each challenge experienced in life, our connection with nature has an opportunity to intensify and grow. Through loss, I understand the profound effect nature has on our physical and mental wellbeing – a connection that is vitally important not only to our health but to the health of our natural world. This work aims to offer an intimate, visceral and meaningful dialogue with the viewer, a narrative that acknowledges the antiquity of its culturally rich past, the ephemeral beauty within and the unbridled fate of its future. Through composition, expressive palette knife applications and thinly veiled brushwork, my work endeavours to exemplify both the physical strength and the transient grace that underlies the landscape. Whilst creating a soulful sense of space and depth within that offers stillness, reverence and most importantly connection.

Jennifer Riddle


Acrylic and Conte on canvas