Battle Between Series No 6 “Estuary. Together Again”

The attention of the artist is repeatedly drawn to the beauty and aggression of nature, and finds within themselves the yearning to capture it on canvas/paper/board. The seeming permanence of the rocks, so monolithic, juxtaposed with minute particles of glittering sand created in aeons past by the relentless tides, battering the hostile jagged rocks into the sandy beaches we delight in exploring. We observe the violence of this battle, not perceiving the minuscule changes which shape our coast.

Within this scene, we live and play, leaving our own changes upon the shore, creating our own battles within nature; however, our presence does not go unnoticed. I have sought to describe this delicate balance of our coastal fringe, by separating the painting into connected, yet disconnected imagery.

It is mounted so as to cast shadows upon the backing board, symbolic of the shadows the human race casts upon the fragile natural surroundings.

June Wilson


Pastel on sanded paper