Deceiving View

A picturesque view of the Tasmanian wilderness is subverted and distorted. Iconic Cradle Mountain re-imagined as a snow capped peak more at home in the European Alps. The etching on velvet appears as a shimmery baby pink from one angle only to blow out into lurid neon as you move past the work. This colourshift causes the detail of the land to appear and disappear as your eyes are overwhelmed by a colour more at home in a horror film than a needlepoint. Beaded Tasmanian blue gum blossoms frame the work, catching the light and viewers eye at the same time as they pull and distort the fabric underneath. These shifting views reflect the history of Australian landscape art as a tool of colonisation. The transformation of a land labeled and depicted as wilderness to allow and excuse colonisation.

Kate Hughes


Etching with cotton, pearl glass and stone beading, rayon velvet and silk satin