Elemental (Lathamus Discolor)

This work is the latest in a series responding to my time off the wild south east coast of Bruny Island (Lunawanna – Allonah) in the Autumn of 2023. The treacherous seas and high winds plunged me into a tumultuous engagement with the elements and whilst being in the relatively safe environment of a modern boat designed for the conditions it still challenged my perception of my physical existence in the world.

As a correlation, considering the endangered status of the Tasmanian Swift Parrot, not a good move for these birds to venture out into the elements on this day to begin; after the summer breeding season; their migration for winter in South Australia and Victoria.

They are, it turns out, heading out to the open sea away from the mainland, disorientated by the storm.

Life is a precarious business when faced with the unmitigated vicissitudes of the natural environment.

Keith Lane


Oil on canvas