Federation Peak II

Tasmania is under threat from ecological disaster. During 2019 at the base of Federation Peak, fires were at the edge of the surrounding alpine forests. In a devastatingly short amount of time ecological threat has gone from fantasy to a reality. The fires of 2019 signifies a new age of climate catastrophe, one in which we need urgent action to slow down the immediate effects of an increase in sea temperatures, heatwaves and extreme rainfall events. The southwest of the island the vastly uninhabited area, a world heritage site, is beginning to die as documented in various media reports most notably from the Guardian article dated February 2019, water scientist – Professor Peter Davies quoted as saying – “the islands vast, uninhabited and globally unique wildland, the heart of its world heritage area – was dying. The iconic habitats of rainforest, button grass plains, and heathlands had begun to vanish because of climate change”.
These paintings are a call to action to hold the government, accountable for the health of their citizens and to protect the local environment by refusing fossil fuel companies exploitation rights to the land and help safeguard our country from ecological collapse.

Anthony White


Oil on French linen