Franklin River Dream

This work is a world in microcosm, where shapes are viewed through a kaleidoscope that tumbles them together. Fractal shapes frozen within the canvas dance and play. This work is dense, with shapes that feel like several paintings pressed into one, representing scenes and events, but remaining teasingly ambiguous, frozen between something that has happened and is about to happen. Viewers wander around inside the painting, seeing new objects, new stories, and getting lost in time.
I create art for my own pleasure, trusting my instincts to guide my imagination with techniques honed over decades. Images reveal themselves slowly, while spontaneous surprises emerge at every stroke. I’m completely absorbed, refining what to keep, being brave enough to discard elements for unexpected delights to reveal themselves. My unique signature challenges the viewer to step outside the anticipated, to see what’s actually there, continuing to delight as new shapes emerge.

Naughty See Monkey


mixed media on Artists paper