Some notes taken throughout the creation of this work include:
Information age landscape.
Detail is textual.
Flying pigs… The sky is inhabited once more.
The Tasmanian landscape is a computer program made in Inida (Spelling intentionally incorrect. The label on the roll of canvas, used for the work specified it was made in Inida and I thereby began to speculate on the significance of the fact that in some ways part of this landscape was manufactured in a factory in the Northern Hemisphere)
This is a Frankenstein landscape of Tasmania, stitching together a gothic past, echoes of Gondwana land, the continuing juxtaposition of industrial schematics with ongoing colonial desires, and an emergent reality that is mediated and manipulated by exponentially increasing technological trickery with the communicative and physical distances of space and time shrinking as an outcome.
Luddite self-portrait…

Josh Foley

2021, Children's Choice

Oil, acrylic ink & synthetic polymer paint on canvas