I’ll Wait for You

In the winter of 2022 my family and I had the most wonderful adventure on Flinders Island, a place we knew little about but fell very quickly in love with. Part of Tassie’s Furneaux group of Islands in Bass Strait, Flinders is windswept and wild and wonderfully bountiful. The ranges, the lush, green farming land and pristine coastline left a lasting impression on me. We were warmly welcomed by the locals who are a resourceful and creative bunch, so skilled at carving out a living in such rugged conditions, often with multiple jobs to sustain them and some having to spend long stretches of time away. My painting “I’ll Wait for You” is about these special, remote places that sustain us wherever we go and whatever we do, but that will always draw us back home.

Romany Mollison

2023, Highly Commended

Oil on canvas