Lutruwita Suite (Upper Natone to Richmond)

The landscape, my first love, still exerts a pull despite a commitment to geometric abstraction over the past 10 years.

It caught me unawares again recently, while traveling through beautiful Tasmania. The changeability and allure of the place; the skies, the light, the vegetation, the coastline conspired, and urged me to paint the landscape once more.

It is joyous to make gestural marks that coalesce to declare real space, real objects, and the feeling of an existent place.

This work records a journey from the north-west of the island to the south. The paintings are monochromatic indigo, suggesting a melancholy filter between viewer and image. But I want to draw the viewer inside the compressed spaces, with details, forms, and textures, and for the paintings to be imbued with a sense of the travelling of time.

Jan Handel


Oil paint on marine ply