Lux (Western Arthurs)

The Western Arthurs in Tasmania’s south-west are a range unknown by most Australians, probably most Tasmanians. They are wild, wonderful, inspirational. A strange and beautiful geology of Precambrian and Cambrian quartz etched by glaciation. Of fault lines that are overdue for a shift. Of veins in schist. Of a myriad colours that change with the ever-changing weather of the south-west. The area is home to buttongrass plains. To emerald green cushion plants and myrtle forests that glow coppery-red in spring. And a proliferation of wildflowers that in late spring and early summer can blossom, sometimes, like a well-planned cottage garden. This landscape is a refuge from a high-tech world. It re-affirms the order of things. A natural order. And one that sublimates.

Cate Blackmore


Acrylic media on hardboard