Massive Impact

As I graduated from the school of fine arts, I watched my country disintegrate due to war. Every day we got used to hear about loss of lives and destruction. The impact of war is devastating with unimaginable trauma and pain to all sides. However, no one talks about its universal impact. What happens in one place affects all other regions. We do not have walls between countries. We are interconnected by wind, water, earth, and trees. War is a massive driver of the destruction of nature and its severe cost to the climate is often ignored. I have moved to Tasmania with my husband, and when our baby daughter was born, we visited Ben Lomond National Park. The experience was overwhelming, and I was awestruck by the varieties of colours and shapes amidst shifting patterns of light and shadow. It was like stepping into a new dream-reality. As a mother holding her newborn the idea of this work was the result of an urge for a prayer to keep Tasmania safe and pure for our future generations. What would the world look like if we see it from a Tasmanian prism?

Kinda Arshid


Mixed Media on canvas