Mute # 201701

The pause, the gap and the omission are increasingly significant in our saturated image driven society. Through this work the daily saturation is replaced by selective sensitisation. The absence of signs or objects invites the viewer to drift among primal and tonal aesthetic matter, creating a sensory experience of inner contemplation and transcendence. In its stillness the work transcends the mere mimetic vista, stripping away the irrelevant, revealing the fundamental meditative qualities that the Tasmanian landscape provides. The reductive aesthetic in my work is an overlapping of decidedly contrary visual elements, a play of many dualities, and is inspired by nature, time, space, colour, sound, and movement. By rhythmically repeating, pairing, overlapping, reversing and sequencing and through the investigations of specific colour relationships, I seek a sensory understanding of the physical object and invite the viewer into the space for a contemplative experience with the work.

Paul Snell


lambda print face-mounted to 4.5mm plexiglas