Nature’s Entanglement

Living in Strahan, Tasmania for the past 3 years I take pleasure in exploring local landscapes & photographing subjects from fungi to forests.

I enjoy capturing close up details showing the perfection of design in nature. Then to stand and admire the surrounding abundance of fascinating forms vigorously thriving all around one cannot help but have an endless supply of inspiration

With my abundance of photos it is a big decision as to how many subjects I can successfully include in just one composition!
Watercolour’s vibrancy & free flowing character gives me a passion for working in this medium.

I love the challenge of experimenting to create different textural effects to incorporate into my paintings. It is always exciting to observe the somewhat unpredictable result as the paint dries and hopefully reveals a pleasing surprise!

I continue to explore and discover the amazing elements of both nature and art as I endeavour to paint a worthy impression.

Carol Thomson


Watercolour canvas