On Tasman Island, The Haulage

In October of 2017 I joined a group of volunteers to perform maintenance to the lighthouse on Tasman Island.

I spent nearly a week on the Island, walking, drawing and photographing; mornings and evenings. Keeping an accurate journal from which to later produce studio based oil paintings.

This work is a composite view from the top of the Haulage (a cable trolley system once used to bring supplies up vertical cliffs 300mt from sea level) at a spot called “The Whim”. The landforms in the painting are looking across to Tasmania from Tasman Island and are based on The Blade and The Chasm, parts of the Three Capes Walk.

Spending time on the island was incredibly enriching and nourishing for my art practice. The drama of land and sea exceptionally powerful. I intend to pursue and explore this series of work for the remainder of this year with a resultant solo show at Colville Gallery.

Luke Wagner


oil and wax