It was a mystical foggy day, grey, very windy and raining. After setting up camp at the base, we decided to go explore the valley above us, the foothills of Jerusalem walls. Coming around a corner, we discovered an altitude lake which has struck us in awe. The three of us stopped, stood still in this harsh weather and contemplated what was unfolding in front of us. The wind was directing a magical ballet on the surface of the water, surrounded by an orchestra of colors and rare varieties of flora. We literally felt something special, something almost spiritual. We felt humbled and privileged. We all wanted to be a part of this scene without disturbing it. My friend stepped ahead, kneeled by the water and drank a mouthful of it. It was the clearest water. My partner and I decided to follow his lead one after the other. After a while, we bowed to this scene and left. I have worked from a picture I took on that day. As soon as I put my paintbrush on the canvas, it is a play between me and the painting. The reference picture becomes second as I act to materialise my memory, I look for vibrations or “accidents” that will add depth and energy to this scene. It is a personal work of emotional remembrance, most precisely a work of memory linked to the experience of a peculiar space and time, depicting my inner experience of this landscape.

Fabien Garcia


Oil on Linen canvas