Our House

I have been exploring this style of painting for a number of years, it was birthed out of a desire to create something that catches your eye and is unique to me. I began with florals and moved onto landscapes.

Close observation and engagement with the subject reveal the complexity of the process, which I continue to mold with each painting. I find that acrylics on canvas or board present me with the best outcome.

After painting the image with a loose brush, I pare back the landscape by divorcing each element with many coats of white paint. I then outline those elements marry the landscape back together once again with penwork.

I am always curious as to what the finished painting will look like. Sometimes I have an image to work with and others I make it up as I go, however, this labor-intensive process is incredibly unpredictable no matter which way it’s approached.

I will aspire to create many pieces using this style, as it challenges my brain and piques my excitement to continue to explore its possibilities. It is quirky, yet identifiable and catches your eye.

Cynthia Orr

2022, Hanger's Choice

Acrylic and art pen on canvas