Port Arthur Historic Site

I chose Port Arthur Historic Site as my topic as I have read relevant history and I want to present the imperfect beauty of port Arthur historic site in my perspective through my painting.
Deeply intrigued by the differently shaped, well-proportioned architectures intermingled in picturesque disorder on port Arthur historic site, I reorganize sections of Port Arthur Historic Site into my painting frame. I want to tell the history of Port Arthur Historic Site through what will be included in my painting. With lines and shapes to organize the theme of this painting, I deliberately break away from realistic color choices to choose the colors that I think can deliver a feeling of history and display the artistic beauty of Port Arthur that is imbued with light, shade, colour and imagination. Differently shaped trees have been positioned around the buildings to connect them to form a living coherent scene, adding a last touch to this painting.
From sketch to finish coloring, it took me 45 hours to complete this painting. I spent 2-3 hours a day on it.

Jessica Liang


Watercolour on paper