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This painting is of a Tasmanian landscape. The painting reimagines the extinct thylacine on the East Coast Forestier Peninsula tessellate pavement.

Through this landscape, I explore a diverse and unique Tasmanian terrain and reimagine a roaming thylacine, on this unusual geometrical rock formation.

The painting reflects my intrigue with Australia’s obsession with searching for the absent, in the context of a landscape millions of years in the making.

An exploration of time, life and place. The demise of a fragile species contrasting with the timelessness of the rugged and enduring Tasmanian landscape.

Tasmania’s vastness and tragic history feeds my need to re-imagine it as an artist.

To re-imagine an animal that once featured in Tasmanian landscape is a reflection on one of Tasmania’s greatest losses.

This painting is part of a large series of works re-imagining thylacines in the Australian landscape and the way that tales of sightings have become cemented Australian folklore.

Filippa Buttitta


Oil on canvas

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