I haven’t visited Tasmania yet, so this isn’t inspired by my time or feelings of a special place. My work is abstract, they’re constructions of painterly marks and my paintings are becoming more atmospheric. There are a billion thoughts that went into making this work, many painting moves and multiple layers.

My hope is that when looking at this painting, it engages some sense of responsibility to life in this moment. Also that the viewer is flooded with associations and interpretations… that drain away just as quickly.

When looking at this painting in the context of The Glover Prize, one could sumise that I may have cherry picked colours and movement from disparate aspects of the Tasmanian landscape and devastating events. The painting speaks to the evolving nature of Tasmania’s dynamic landscape. The colours borrowed from the red tide, grass trees or huon pines in an abundance of clouds.
This could of course, be completely upended by the next viewer or even when viewing this painting at another time.

Telly Tu'u


Oil on Polycotton