The Bacchanal: A Picnic at the End of the World

The Bacchanal: A Picnic at the End of the World” captures a poignant tableau of youthful revelry set against the harsh reality of a bushfire-ridden Tasmanian landscape. Motivated by the aftermath of the 2018-2019 bushfires, the painting explores the juxtaposition of carefree adolescence and the looming spectre of climate catastrophe. This vibrant scene captures the energy of celebration against a disconcerting backdrop of environmental devastation. The scattered debris from their festivity serves as a metaphor for the collective disregard for the fragility of our ecosystems. The imminent bushfire, a stark reminder of climate catastrophe, prompts reflection on our disconnect between indulgence and environmental responsibility. This artwork serves as a commentary on the consequences of climate inaction, urging viewers to reassess their role in preserving Tasmania’s unique landscape. The juxtaposition of youthful exuberance and environmental peril challenges the sustainability of our current way of life, echoing the urgent need for mindful and sustainable practices in the face of a changing world. “The Bacchanal” serves not only as a commentary on the consequences of climate inaction but also as a call to re-evaluate our relationship with the Tasmanian wilderness, urging a collective shift toward more mindful and sustainable practices.

Seabastion Toast


Oil paint on canvas