The Cycle of Life

Trees – They come to us from the mists of time, their subtle life force so sublime
Uniting the earth, water and air, they offer us protective care
From the early seeds of time they came, down through the ages still the same
Bearing the tales of all life itself, knowledge not upon a shelf
They grow to hold the earth in place, or earth could wear a barren face
They help to cause the rain to fall, to quench the thirst of one and all
Their spreading boughs offer shelter, from the rain and summer swelter
A home for many they supply, and all our lives, on them rely
They give us air so pure and sweet, and they give us food to eat
Even in death they understand, that they must go to feed the land
And that is where their tale doth lie, that all in all, by and by
We’re all at nature’s beck and call, all life is one and one is all.

Janette Cumming


Acrylic on Board