The Deeds Registry

‘The Deeds Registry’ is about the concept of OWNERSHIP of land, which is not common to all cultures. Some cultures find the concept of owning individual parcels of land completely alien or morally unacceptable.

Each parcel, bundle and package represents a physical place of land that was mapped, surveyed, divided, fenced off and sold off. In the case of Tasmania it also involved removal and genocide of previous occupants of the land.

The Deeds Registry in Tasmania was established in 1827 and recorded general land grants, dating from the early 1800’s. Prior to this, royal charters were given to colonists as a right to take and own land in Tasmania. Amongst the records are working maps and field notes, which were of my particular interest while investigating the subject matter. Recent digitasation of early colonial records provides easier accessibility and gave me an opportunity to work on an artistic response.

Aesthetically with this work, I reference many of my mentors and role models, Polish modernist artists of the post war area, who worked with assemblages, happenings and installation.

Joanna Pinkiewicz


mixed media