The ‘Great’ Southern Migration

Australia’s picturesque Southern jewel, is experiencing a building wave of migration to its shores. New World seekers are arriving to claim a piece of the pristine and stunningly diverse landscape of Tasmania.

With this as my central theme, I have created a dreamscape referencing the Crater Lake/ Cradle Mountain region. A place of powerful stillness.

Breaking this tranquility, is the surreal overlay of a relocated house sweeping and ripping the calm waters like a tear through the central painting image.

In the shadow of this apparition, is a virtually unnoticeable migratory Godwit bird, competing in flight to make its own home on the island.

In essence, the underlying message of my painting is the enormous challenge Tasmania faces, in maintaining sustainability and preservation of its unique natural landscape, in the face of an increasing population.

As a seasoned traveller I have witnessed how quickly a paradise can be lost to unchecked expansion and development.

I am in awe that a precious and small land mass, can hold such significant presence.
With each visit to Tasmania, I have a deeper connection to its intoxicating landscape and light.

Mark Payne


Oil on canvas/linen