The River Runs / The People Come

This work is based on visiting Cataract gorge in Launceston. I was in town for an exhibition with fellow artist Peter Nelson at Sawtooth ARI years ago now. A constant query in Launceston seemed to be “Have you seen the gorge?” so one day while there we went to see the gorge. I am not sure whether it was the gorge itself, awe inspiring as it was, or the aura that seemed to surround the enigmatic question “have you seen the gorge” that stuck with me most. Walking slightly out of town, the path towards this gorge felt like a well-trodden pilgramage made by visitors. It seemed like something to pass the time in a place in which time moved more slowly. I guess that’s what the gorge came to represent and why it stuck with me. It was a place in which time moved more slowly. Our presence in these places reminds us of something beyond us; through the trees, the expansive sky and water weaving through softened stone.

Belem Lett


Oil aluminium composite panel