Time and tide and time and tide and time

Henderson lagoon, wetlands and sea. I have observed this ecosystem for over 30 years looking at elements as parts of a whole through patterns and rhythms. This leads to the vertical and horizontal repetition with subtle shifts, as each triggers a memory of a previous season.

Two creeks feed down from the hills into the lagoon system which is a nursery for fish, then flows out to sea. I attempt to capture the nuances of light and tidal movements through the complexity of multi-panel works. Patterns form over the years watching wader-birds and water animals like rikali’s that live and breed in this habitat.

Some warm, stormy days I feel a stillness and tension, others are breezy with light bouncing off the water in a myriad of colours. I’ve seen this place in all seasons and times of day, most often walking it at dusk. I view this landscape from various perspectives; some-days walking along the rocky foreshore, others I walk higher up along the headland peering through the coastal heath, or from water level floating with the tide in my kayak. I compile complete small paintings together to make up a whole – chasing the moods, weather and light.

Lorraine Biggs


Oil paint on canvases